City Fish

September 26, 2015

Rainbow Trout

It’s a local success story that began three decades ago when founder and owner, Nelson Leung, purchased a small store in Northeast Calgary to sell seafood.

“What started as a small family retail shop 30 years ago, has flourished into a complete wholesale distribution centre,” Nelson says.

Today, City Fish provides fresh, frozen and live seafood to restaurants and fish markets in Calgary and its surrounding areas. The company has been working with Calgary Co-op for the past eight years, delivering fresh fish and live seafood six days a week.

“We carry fish from all over the world; everywhere from the East and West coast of Canada to as far as South America, New Zealand and the Far East,” Nelson explains.

City Fish even sources fish from right here in Alberta.  Twenty-five percent of the pickerel they provide is from Alberta, with the other 75% coming from Manitoba.  One of the most popular products is their Atlantic and organic Spring Salmon that come straight from the waters of B.C.’s West coast.  Sole and Halibut – when in season – also come from the West.  In addition, City Fish provides Calgary Co-op with live seafood such as mussels, oysters, clams and lobster.  

“Our relationship with Calgary Co-op has really grown over the years. They have high standards when it comes to the quality of products they want for their customers,” Nelson adds.

In 2012, Calgary Co-op launched their ‘Reel in the Solution’ seafood program that promotes sustainable and environmentally friendly seafood options. 

Assorted Seafood

“We're committed to continually improving the sustainability of our seafood products,” says Trevor Moore, Operations Director at Calgary Co-op. “It’s great to collaborate with a local company like City Fish, that can provide these ocean-friendly options.”

For Nelson, the most important part of his work is making sure his customers are happy.

“I am fortunate to be able to provide Calgary Co-op and their customers with all of the fresh, high-quality seafood that they desire and ask for… for me, that’s the most gratifying part of my job.” 

- Leanne Clark



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