Candy Cane Cookies

December 4, 2018

candy cane creamThe holiday season often means fresh home baked cookies. While there’s something about the smell of fresh baking wafting from the oven on a cold day, realistically, there’s not always time to spend hours in the kitchen whipping up seasonal holiday creations. For those times when you want a festive bite for a snack or holiday treat plate, Co-op Gold Candy Cane Cookies are an easy solution. If you’re looking forward to spending the weekend up to your elbows in batter, read on!

Candy Cane Crush Cookies
Traditional chocolate chip cookies are great, but what’s even better is candy canes crushed in the batter or try adding some crushed candy cane pieces on top for extra crunch. Adding some white chocolate chips, cocoa powder, or dark chocolate chips into the batter can also make these cookies irresistible. 

Candy Cane Crush Cookies… made easy!
Another time saving holiday hack? Buy Pillsbury Chocolate Chip or Sugar Cookie Dough from the grocery cooler and sprinkle those crushed candy canes on the just before baking.

Pepperminty Candy Cane Hot Chocolate
Hot chocolate is a delicious winter treat that’s perfect for a cold night, and it’s also a great beverage to dip your holiday cookies into. 

Candy canes and hot chocolate might not seem like a perfect match at first, but you’d be surprised to know how absolutely delicious this concoction is. Think of hot milk, cocoa powder, chocolate, and crushed candy canes all whisked together into a luxurious drink perfect for sharing. You can get the same effect by adding peppermint extract too.

Peppermint Thumbprint CookiesPeppermint Thumbprints 
Peppermint is definitely the taste of the season, and these traditional Thumbprint Cookies are made even better with the addition of crunchy candy cane pieces.

Another fun way to incorporate the candy cane theme this holiday season is by creating candy cane shaped cookies. These cane-shaped red and white cookies are deceptively easy to make. 

Dip these in hot chocolate, milk, or share them with Santa on Christmas Day!

candy cane barkCandy Cane Bark
You’ve likely heard of or previously nibbled on chocolate bark, nut bark, or ones made with dried fruits. Behold, the best bark of all: peppermint candy cane bark. This simple recipe looks and tastes complex. But with just three ingredients you can achieve candy cane perfection in twenty minutes or less.

Peppermint Holiday Krispie Treats
You probably thought there’s nothing that could make Rice Krispie treats better. But adding candy cane pieces makes them crispy, buttery, and holiday perfect. Just follow the recipe printed on the Rice Krispie box, and toss in about ½ cup of crushed or broken candy canes, or sprinkle them on top just as you finish pressing them into the pan.

Candy canes are so versatile because they can give that crunch to your cookie or that minty freshness to your hot cocoa. Give these ideas a try and add you own special touches based on your personal flavour preferences. 

Of course if you’re craving that holiday flavour and can’t wait— pick up Co-op Gold Candy Cane Cookies in the grocery aisle.



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