Canada Day food facts

Jul 1, 2015

This Canada Day we wanted to celebrate by bringing you some of the most interesting facts about Canadian food we could find.

Being the second largest country in the world we have a pretty wide variety of foods so it’s not surprise we have a few interesting things that most people might not know.

Canola is a Canadian creation

Canola stands for CANada Oil Low Acid and was bred from the rapeseed plant at the University of Manitoba. It is now grown all over the world with some countries even having festivals for the flowers. It has a relatively high smoke point at 204°C which means it’s good for grilling.

Ketchup and Dill Pickle chips are Canadian

These are both Canadian flavours (though there is a bit of a debate over ketchup) of chips and they are quite difficult to find elsewhere in the world. It’s for this reason that these are generally considered an extremely Canadian snack.

Apples are our largest fruit crop

When looking at the weight and food produced the apple is our largest fruit crop which isn’t surprising when you’ve tasted all the delicious BC apples that come in the late summer.

Alberta is one of the largest producers of honey in Canada

Alberta actually produces 40% of the honey produced in Canada. The Alberta commercial bee hives produce on average 144 pounds of honey per year which is double the world average. The abundance of clover, alfalfa and canola is likely responsible.

The largest Poutine in the world was 808 lbs

In a CBC event called X Poutine the largest ever plate of Poutine was prepared. As a little perspective on that, the average horse only weighs about 500lbs. We couldn’t do a list of Canadian food without Poutine.

Enjoy Canada Day and a celebration of this great country we live in!



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