Calgary Women’s Emergency Shelter

February 11, 2019

mom daughterBeing part of the community in Calgary means helping out when the going gets tough. Calgary Co-op is pleased to have made a special donation to the Calgary Women’s Emergency Shelter recently, that aims to help out women and children in need. 

“We donated $6,000 worth of product to the Calgary Women’s Emergency Shelter,” says Trinh McConkey, Sponsorship & Events Manager, Calgary Co-operative Association Ltd, “We’ve partnered with them before and, because we know the needs are so great, we try to help out as much as we can.” 

Calgary Co-op’s donation included many essential items that are given to women and children when they arrive at the emergency shelter. Often they’ve left home or a violent situation quickly, with only the clothes they’re wearing. 

“We are grateful to Calgary Co-op and its employees for the donation of essential items which provides many of the necessary resources families need during their stay at the Emergency Shelter,” shares Ann O’Donnell, Director, Resource Development & Communications at the Calgary Women's Emergency Shelter. “We rely on the generosity of the community to help us support women and children experiencing family violence and abuse.”

toiletriesThe donation from Co-op allows the Calgary Women’s Emergency Shelter to provide families with the essentials they need on a daily basis; things like shampoo and conditioner, soap, toothbrushes, toothpaste, and feminine products. This vital resource in the community provides not just a safe haven for women and their families, but also a place that can feel like home for them during a difficult and frightening time. 

“We provide private bedrooms, nutritious hot meals, emotional counselling, and free transportation,” adds O’Donnell, “The Emergency Shelter provides safe accommodation for over 450 women and children each year.  

Though the Emergency Shelter is the cornerstone of the agency, O’Donnell points out, it is ‘More than a Shelter,’ offering innovative healing, safety, and prevention programs.  

“Our Community Services Counselling program supports women and children living with family violence who remain in the community. Through all of our programs, the organization supported over 14,000 individuals in 2018.” 

“Some people believe that only certain kinds of people become victims,” says O’Donnell, “That family violence and abuse doesn’t happen to just anyone, but in fact it has no boundaries. Victims come from all walks of life, cultures, educational backgrounds and income levels. It can and does happen to anyone.”

logo CWESFor more information about how you can help the Calgary Women’s Emergency Shelter, visit their website:



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