BBQ Steakhouse Dinner

Aug 29, 2018

As summer draws to a close you want to squeeze every last drop from it. That means keeping the BBQ going into the fall season. 

A great way to enjoy fresh grilled food is to do an at-home steakhouse supper. It's less expensive than taking the family out for dinner and it lets you continue to cook outdoors while the weather is still warm.

Start with the Steak
Start by asking the butcher at your neighbourhood Co-op for a recommendation on a tender and tasty cut of steak that's perfect for the grill, or pick up one of the cuts that's on sale this summer. If you don't have a grill available, you can still sear the steak in the kitchen using a heavy pan or a cast iron skillet. 

Work a fragrant spice rub into the meat, or just use some salt and pepper to season it. Most grilling experts recommend letting the steak come to room temperature before you grill it.

A cooked steak needs to rest. Let the meat sit for a minimum of five minutes and up to ten at room temperature, covered very loosely with foil. This lets the juices re-absorb into the meat, for a tender and juicy steak. 

Serve Steakhouse Sides 
The perfect steakhouse dinner features traditional sides like a baked potato, garlic bread and a fresh and zesty Caesar salad. 

garlic breadCrispy Garlic Bread
Pick up some fresh bread. While you can use French bread or Italian crusty loaf, sliced bread also does the trick. (Or try fresh bread from the local Calgary Italian bakery, available at Co-op in the bakery department.)

Put 1/4 cup butter in a small microwave safe bowl. Crush 1 clove of garlic into the bowl, add 1/2 tsp salt and 1/4 tsp dried parsley. Microwave the butter until it’s bubbling, then remove it from the microwave and stash it in the fridge until it's firm but spreadable; about 25 minutes. 

Spread the garlic butter over your bread, then lay it butter side down in a hot frying pan until it's nicely browned. Remove from the pan and sprinkle it with fresh grated parmesan cheese. 

Quick meal hack: Co-op stores have ready made sticks of garlic butter in the dairy department. Keep some on hand for garlic bread that's quick and delicious. 

baked potatoBaked Potato Bar
Baked potatoes slathered with all the fixins are the perfect steakhouse meal accompaniment.

Making them is as simple as poking a couple of ventilation holes in the skin, and popping them in a 350 degree oven for about 45-60 minutes (exact times will depend on the size of the potatoes). They're done when they feel soft to the touch and a knife slides in and out of the flesh easily.

While the potatoes cook, set up your topping bar. Place into small serving bowls:

  • thin sliced green onions
  • chopped chives
  • sour cream
  • whipped butter
  • grated cheese
  • homemade bacon bits 

caesar saladCaesar Salad
Finally, what's a steakhouse supper without a tangy Caesar salad? 

This classic recipe uses fresh egg yolks to make it creamy, as well as anchovies for that salty tang. If you're not ok with either of those, there's another creamy Caesar dressing recipe with mayo that might be more your speed.

With a bit of pre-prep, creating your own tasty steakhouse supper can be an inexpensive way to treat the whole family.

- Erin



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