Backyard Midway Family Fun

Jul 5, 2021

Apple of my eye, awesome to the core, kids (and adults- nudge, wink wink) will be begging for more!

I spy with my apple eye…. something that is gooey and delicious! If you’ve got a sweet tooth (like me) and also appreciate the occasional high impact, low effort masterpiece (also like me) then these dreamy marshmallow apples with a twist are perfect for your Backyard Midway Hoedown! Just imagine all the reward without all the fuss like the regular hard shell candy apple you are used to on the carnival row. Calgary Co-op’s got you covered for a tasty dessert for the whole family minus line-ups or the boozy version just for the grown-ups. A stroll along the midway memory lane is never complete without a li’l something sweet. This candy apple is the perfect dessert.

✔ Portable
✔ Crunchy
✔ Customizable
✔ Semi-healthy (it’s like 5/6ths apple!)

This is a true story, one day when my pal Maria and I were shopping at Calgary Co-op, I came across Eagle Brand Dulce de Leche glowing on the shelf. Yes, glowing as if speaking directly to me! I could not believe my eyes, mad science I thought, how exciting.  I then had this vision melt marshmallow into Dulce de Leche dip apples … must try, must create yes, it works.

This recipe incorporates a rich, silky Dulce de Leche coating, made delightfully gooey with marshmallows and my absolute favourite Rockit apples. I’m seriously obsessed with them. Every time I’m at Calgary Co-op I stock up – I love that they always have such an amazing selection of fresh fruit. Rockits are sweet, crunchy and have a small core (i.e. more apple goodness). Roll them in your favourite toppings and enjoy!

Dulce de Leche Marshmallow Dipped Apples

Caramel Apple blogIngredients:

1 can (300ml) Eagle Brand Dulce de Leche condensed milk
1 bag (200g) Mini marshmallows
10 Rockit apples (or mini apples, or equivalent)
10 Popsicles sticks

Toppings: 1/2cup (of each) Chopped nuts /chocolate shavings or chocolate bars /Made Good Rice Crisp Cereal /or assorted toppings of choice


1) Keep apples in fridge, spear bottom of each apple with popsicle stick
2) In medium saucepan, melt marshmallows into Dulce de Leche over medium heat,
3) Let mixture cool for about 20 minutes in the pot to room temperature
4) Dip chilled apple into mixture then roll into topping of choice – ENJOY!!!!!!!

- Chef Liana Robberecht



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