Backyard Midway Dilly Dogs

Jul 9, 2021

A dill flavoured corn dog appetizer, perfect for dipping, dunking and munching.

I think we can all agree that the best part of the Midway is all of the delicious, rich, decadent, weird, amazing food (at least for me it is!) Picture it: Calgary 2017, it’s a simpler time and you’re standing in the hot sun eating your … pizza on a stick, mini-donuts, deep fried Jell-o, big bowl of cheese curds…whatever your well-deserved treat of choice is, watching the crazy people get catapulted into the sky via a giant slingshot and you’re thinking to yourself you might get a round of lemonades for the kids and check out the indoor attractions to cool down a bit. Well, if you’re not quite ready to venture out to the grounds this year and instead plan to create a little cowboy fun in the comfort and safety of your own backyard, you’ll need some Midway-worthy recipes with restaurant quality ingredients from Calgary Co-op to wow your friends and family. I have you covered, I have created something fun, easy gluten-free and lactose free for family and friend to enjoy.

Ingredients blogWhat I love about shopping at Calgary Co-op is the commitment to local and fresh. Alberta has such incredible growers and farmers. I am also in love with the Founders & Farmers brand, going back to those quality restaurant ingredients this why I find then absolutely fantastic and such value, I feel like I hit the jackpot with flavour.

The past 18 months have been some of the most challenging that Calgarians have ever faced. But we’ve shown up with resilience and that something special that makes us, us. As the city starts to return to normal and we reopen our homes to loved ones, be prepared to fill hearts and bellies with fun, love and lots more memories. Now set up the ring toss and git along little doggy! I must add a warning – these are much like potato chips highly addictive, very yummy these lil cuties are are to stop at a few, its your backyard midway … I’m not judging.

Dilly Dogs

Dilly Dog Batter:
1 cup your favourite gluten-free pancake mix
½ cup yellow cornmeal
1-cup Founders & Farmers dill pickle purée (in food processor blend whole dill pickles
& small amount of juice to equal 1 cup)
Finished Dilly Dog blog2 Founders & Farmers whole eggs
½ cup Lactose free sour cream
2 tbsp. dried dill
Dash Chipotle tabasco
1 tsp. white sugar
1 tsp. Founders & Farmers apple cider vinegar
½ cup cornstarch

60 Popsicle sticks
2 litres Canola oil or light vegetable oil
12 Wieners, cut each into 5 equal pieces = 60 pieces


1) Sift Pancake mix into bowl followed by the rest of dry ingredients;
2) mix wet ingredients into dry until incorporated, cover and let stand 30-45 minutes

Frying the dilly dogs:
1) Pierce each piece with a popsicle stick
2) In a large pot or fryer, bring at least 4 inches of oil to 350° F.
3) Cover each piece with cornstarch, then dip each wiener on popsicle stick into batter, turning until completely coated, let any excess batter drip off.
4) Lower into hot oil, turning evenly until golden brown 2-4 minutes
5) Remove from oil and place onto paper towel, sprinkle with salt. Enjoy

Enjoy with mustard/ketchup/hot sauce

- Chef Liana Robberecht



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