A great morning comes with a great breakfast

Sep 24, 2015

Everyone always says that breakfast is the most important meal of the day but it’s often the easiest to skip.

Getting up in the morning is tough enough without adding in another step of making a large breakfast while hoping you won’t have to fight terrible Calgary traffic (you probably will).

That said, a good breakfast in the morning can give you that extra boost to make it through the day (or even just through the Deerfoot commute) and it’s easy to make. One of the easiest and healthiest choices you can have is the yogurt parfait (and much cheaper to make than picking one up from a drive through).

Your body benefits from a healthy amount of “good” bacteria and because most yogurts are made using active bacteria they are a treasure trove of these probiotics (probiotic means for life and is a term that refers to all beneficial bacteria).

Probiotics are used in your body to help with different functions but can really help with the digestion and helping to keep the balance in your intestines.

Being made from milk you are also getting a lot of the benefits that you would get from milk including calcium which may help in the prevention of Osteoperosis. Health Canada has also said that many Canadians are low in Vitamin D which is also something that most yogurts provide.

By making your own granola (or looking at the ingredients) you can also add fibre to your diet which is also beneficial to digestive health. Flaxseed is a great addition to any granola as it adds almost 3 grams of fibre in only a tablespoon!

All of these great benefits and we haven’t even touched on adding fruit. By adding berries you’re getting one of the best sources of antioxidants available. Antioxidants can protect your skin and hair while also giving you other numerous health benefits.

The best part of the parfait is how versatile it can be. If you want more granola you can put more in. More fruit? The more the merrier!

So get out of bed a bit early or plan the night before for this easy, healthy breakfast that will give you that morning boost.

Co-op’s Easy Morning Parfait

3 cups – Yogurt (Greek yogurt will give you more protein for energy)
2 cups – fresh fruit (We used blueberries and oranges but you can use anything)
2 cups – Granola (Julie Van Rosendaal has a great video here on making your own)
2 Tbls – Honey (optional – This is really good with plain Greek yogurt)
Take a tall container or glass and layer all the ingredients one after another. It’s that easy.
Depending on your container this should make about 4 servings.

- Jeff Clemens



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