The Killarney Neighborhood Band

July 18, 2018

Approximately 112 years after Alberta Land Titles registered the Calgary community of Killarney there are exciting developments underway along 17th Avenue SW that borders the area from east to west.

After two years in planning and development Calgary Co-op is pleased to contribute to the needs of motorists along this busy roadway with the opening of a new gas bar and convenience store. “This area was underserved, and several departments were involved in developing a unique offering to integrate into the fabric of the area” explained Tony Argento, Director - Facilities Development & Real Estate. Unique materials, a convenience patio, and artwork were considerations beyond the proven package.

Mural 1Committed to community, Calgary Co-op requested submissions from local artists for a building mural that would complement the bustling location and its history.

Enter Chris Pecora and Cam Hoff – the Artists and proprietors of “Slugger”. This dynamic team have been collaborating since 2015 and have an impressive list of projects, for high profile clients, around the city.

The artwork proposal for the location began with research, that included the Glenbow archives and the Killarney Community Association, to uncover the neighborhood’s musical past. Today the area continues its ties to music with a local instrument shop, music school, and record store.

I had the opportunity to meet Chris and Cam and was impressed by their thoughtful efforts to establish parallels between the Killarney community history and a musical band, where individuals work and play together to create something greater than the sum of their individual parts. “The band was a metaphor representing how the members of the community, and new business can synergize” explained Cam.

Mural 3The theme of the proposed painting is a depiction of people collaborating and contributing to something wonderful. The contemporary and imaginative depiction of neighborly musicians includes elements of the tree canopy (that area residents are very proud of), and the neighborhood name, that are both blended into the musical instrumentation. The result is a vibrant artistic gift that provides an engaging visual experience for people travelling eastbound toward the downtown area. I was granted a preview of the approved conceptual art, and the finished mural will undoubtedly add life to the building as well as compliment the community.

Photos provided by Slugger Studio (@sluggerstudio) 



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