Good Bread Bakery

May 16, 2019

Have you ever wondered why the burger is all about the meat? You've usually got an array of fresh toppings, melty cheese, and of course the bun. 

"Why shouldn't the bread be the ingredient to shine in your meal, and become the star of the burger?" wonders Warwick Barton, owner of Calgary's Good Bread Bakery. 

triple twisterGood Bread bakes fresh local buns for Calgary Co-op stores. The brand's Barnstorm Brioche burger rolls, Knaughty Pretzel buns, Triple Twister cheese, onion and garlic rolls and Right as Rain onion buns are all available in the bakery department at your neighbourhood Co-op stores.

These buns and rolls aren't your average bread products. For starters, they're ultra fresh, and made with whole ingredients, and because they're made either without preservatives, or with natural preservatives, they have a short shelf life, meaning they should be eaten shortly after you buy them.

"We've done that deliberately; we deliver these fresh to Co-op about every three days. These are a premium bun, made with real ingredients and you can really taste that freshness and that difference," says Barton. "Freshness is most important to us."

good bread brioche barnstormWhen it comes to Barton's Barnstorm Brioche, he uses real full fat butter, real eggs and local flour, with no artificial colouring that often gives large-scale commercial brioche its signature yellow hue. The Right as Rain onion buns also use real, fresh, caramelized onions, not powdered or dehydrated onions as many commercial onion buns do. 

"You can really taste that difference in our onion buns and our brioche," shares Barton, "They're like nothing else in Calgary right now."

Barton opened Good Bread in 2016 after running other chain bakeries, but he says baking has been in his blood since he was a teen. 

"I got my first bakery job as a teenager in Australia; I was 15 years old and started apprenticing right away. My part time job eventually turned full time and I loved it. I'm also a trained chef, so I love anything to do with food—or business."

Barton came to Canada on a working holiday visa at the height of Calgary's oil boom, and worked jobs in hotels before partnering up on restaurant. Soon the bakery franchises followed. 

When he decided to go out on his own, Barton wanted to be a bit different. Baking fresh bread with simple, real ingredients, in small batches, using no preservatives was the starting point, but he also wanted his packages to stand out. Good Bread's bold bags feature everything from crows that would fit right in with an Edgar Allen Poe poem, to David and Goliath.

"We really wanted to have fun with our packaging, since our philosophy as a business is to enjoy our work and have fun. Bread packaging has historically been pretty dull; usually the packages have wheat drawings on them. We really wanted to stand out on the shelf."

Good Bread products are baked each day and they're best tasted to be believed. 

"Co-op has been fantastically supportive of us as a local bakery. They really believe in what we're doing, so I want to say, just try our bread and you'll see how delicious fresh baked, small batch buns, using real ingredients can be!" 

Good Bread Barnstorm Brioche burger rolls, Knaughty Pretzel buns, Triple Twister cheese and garlic rolls and Right as Rain onion buns are all available in the bakery department at your neighbourhood Co-op store.



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