Commercial Petroleum Customers

Now your livelihood isn’t your only way to earn. We offer two commercial programs—commercial fleet card and cardlock, with five commercial cardlock locations throughout Calgary and area.

Calgary Co-op Cardlock Petroleum Account

Staying in the city and surrounding area? Choose this. It’s open to you year-round, 24/7. 

Save the form to your desktop before filling it out so you don’t lose any information.
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Provincial or Western Canada Cardlock Account

Buying fuel throughout the province or Western Canada? Choose this Petroleum Account with our fuel supplier.

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Commercial Fleet Card

Buying fuel at any Co-op gas station across Western Canada? Choose this.

All purchases made with this card and your Calgary Co-op membership number at  Calgary Co-op gas stations are part of your annual patronage refund.

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Co-op Premium Diesel

Diesel technology is constantly changing and to ensure our customers continue experiencing industry leading performance, protection and power, the formulation of Co-op Premium Diesel has advanced.

Featuring a new additive package, Co-op Premium Diesel offers real, measurable performance gains that include the following:

Premium diesel

• Increased fuel economy
• Power and torque improvements
• Seasonal blends
• Cleans fuel injectors and keeps them clean
• Fuel system cleanliness and protection
• Fuel stability and storage life improvements

Available at All Calgary Co-op Gas Stations Offering Diesel

Ready for the next generation of diesel?

You chose diesel for its efficiency and torque, but what good is any of that when the fuel you use gunks up your system?

CO-OP® Premium Diesel is engineered to maximize power output, improve fuel economy, and maintain fuel system cleanliness to help guard against expensive repairs and unnecessary downtime, thanks to our eco-performance package.

It aggressively removes deposit formations built up on critical engine components. This, along with our signature base package, works to optimize performance in High Pressure Common Rail (HPCR) fuel injection systems while preventing future deposit formations.

Co-op Premium Diesel with Eco-Performance Technology, available at all Calgary Co-op gas stations offering diesel, protects modern and legacy diesel equipment WITHOUT ANY ADDED COST TO YOU. Now THAT’S awesome.

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