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Will that be reusable, compostable or plastic?
Our members are increasingly expressing a desire for us to reduce plastic use. Considering that Calgary Co-op has been using millions of plastic shopping bags every year, we believe that by providing choices and placing a charge on plastic bags, we can reduce the number of plastic bags we all use – keeping them out of landfills and off the landscape.

Choose Reusable Bags First!
reuseablebags2Given most shoppers already have a stash of reusable bags, using them to carry home your purchases is the best solution for the environment and your pocketbook. You’ve already made the investment in the bag and the energy and materials to make the bag have already been expended. But you need to actually bring them into the store!

As further incentive to go re-useable, every time you use a reusable bag, 3¢ per bag will be donated to Calgary Co-op’s Foundation to support important community causes. In 2018, the Foundation invested over $1.9 million into local food security programs, education, the environment, preventative health and poverty relief.

Compostable Bags – One Bag. Two Jobs.
These are a first for Calgary! We worked with a supplier to create a fully compostable shopping bag that is strong enough for your groceries yet gentle on the environment. The advantage of our compostable shopping bags is you can use them to carry your groceries and then give them a second job – like lining your compost pail, collecting compostable yard waste or even cleaning up after the dog. Our bag is certified compostable and acceptable in municipal composting programs like Calgary’s Green Cart program.

The charge for compostable bags is 10¢ each.

Still prefer plastic?
If you still want plastic bags at checkout, there will be a charge of 5¢ per bag. With reusable and compostable as options, we hope we can convert everybody to better choices.

Whatever option you choose, you are lowering your impact on the environment by shopping at Calgary Co-op.

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