Stay healthy and happy. Get immunized.

All Co-op pharmacies are offering in-store complimentary flu shot immunizations. Starting October 4, Walk-in at your convenience to any of our pharmacy locations or call the location of your choice to book an appointment. 

All individuals must live, work or go to school in Alberta, must be five years of age or older and must show their Alberta Health Care card to be eligible for flu shots. 

Don't forget to bring your Alberta Health Care cards, wear a short sleeve shirt and visit the bakery for a cookie treat for the kids or over to produce for a fruit treat from the kid's basket.

Flu Shot Consent Form Book An Appointment (24-48 hr response)

While you’re getting your flu shot, ask the pharmacist about:

  • Shingles vaccine - 50 years and over
  • Pneumonia vaccine - 65 years and over AND those 18 and over with chronic diseases (diabetes, asthma, COPD).
  • HPV-9 vaccine - sexually active individuals
  • Meningitis B vaccine - 10 to 25 years of age
  • TD (Tetanus, diphtheria) - every 10 years for adults
  • dTap - one does as an adult

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