fiber2You know fibre is good for you, in so many ways, but do you know if you are getting enough? And if not, what to do about it? Natural Choice advisors know. They can help you get all the fibre you need so you get all the benefits fibre delivers, from good digestive health to better immunity.

Once your Natural Choice advisor gets to know your lifestyle and eating habits, they can suggest excellent fibre options that will work for you. Fresh whole foods, like fruits, vegetables and whole grains, are excellent sources of fibre. With so many to choose from at Co-op, we can find options that fit you, even if you don’t like eating your vegetables!

The right fibre for you

And if you really don’t like eating your vegetables? We can still help you get the vital fibre you need to stay healthy. Thanks to a wide selection of supplements, you can find something that works for you:

• FiberSmart from Renew Life
• Fiberlicious from Purica
• Regular Girl from Lorna Vanderhaege
• Psyllium fiber powder from Organika
• Omega Alpha

Get on a natural path to fibre

Natural Choice advisors can help you find fibre that works for you. To see advisor bios, click here. Or to find the Co-op nearest you with a Natural Choice advisor, just click on the map below. We advise calling ahead to ensure an advisor is available.

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