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7 Reasons Every Great Chef Needs Their Own Co-op Butcher

The meat you choose can make or break a meal, so when you start with an incredible piece of meat that is also ideal for the dish you are preparing, it takes your cooking to new heights. Bar-b-que? Kofta? Asada? Bourguignon? Bulgogi? Whatever you are preparing, a Co-op butcher will help you make it amazing.

Dry AgedFor every dish you prepare there is a perfect piece of meat that will elevate you from cook to chef. Your Co-op butcher has that meat. Here’s how we do it.

1) Highly trained artists
Our butchers are all highly trained in the artistry of preparing meat for superb flavour. Then they take their expertise even further with special in-house programs to hone their skills. Just ask, and they’ll recommend the most delicious option for every recipe.

2) Huge selection of meat
Choose from ONLY ALBERTA beef, chicken, pork, seafood, bison, duck, lamb and veal that Co-op butchers carefully select and hand cut every day. There is also an extensive selection of prepared meats, including marinated cuts, kabobs and chicken cordon bleu.

3) At your service 
Co-op butchers are here to help you select the ideal piece of meat, or custom cut it just the way you want, every day. Whatever cut you need to make your meal memorable, we can do it. We can custom cut steaks and roasts, including 2 inch t-bone, French rack and Crown roast. We will even fillet or skin fish for you, or portion cut a whole chicken.

4) The perfect cuts of beef 
All Co-op ONLY ALBERTA beef is selected from Canada AA and the top of Canada AAA for ideal factors that impact flavour, including maturity, colour, muscling, texture and marbling. Then we prepare that beef in a wide range of cuts to ensure you can find the ideal piece for your dish.

5) Only Alberta Beef
Flavour is why Co-op only serves Alberta beef. And that flavour comes from four things:

  • The Land – The finest beef lands on earth. 
  • The Feed – A unique diet heavy in barley and wheat, ideal for well-marbled, tender beef. 
  • The Cattle – Breeds ideal for beef, including Angus, Hereford, Simmental, Limousin and Charolais.
  • The Ranchers – They know how to care for their cattle ethically and humanely.

6) Aged to perfection
Aging beef maximizes taste and tenderness. We do both wet aging (beef is vacuum packed in its own liquids) and dry aging (storing at precise temperature and humidity levels in a controlled environment). 

  • Wet aging - A minimum of 14 days for AA beef and 21 days for AAA.
  • Dry aging – 28 days for AAA beef. 

The difference proper aging makes to taste and tenderness is incredible.

7) Cal & Gary's Beef
This is the stuff legendary meals are made of. We take premium cuts of AAA beef (only from the upper 2/3 portion of the AAA grade) then carefully age them to enhance the flavour and tenderness, either wet aging 21 days or dry aging 28 days. We also carefully cut and trim Cal & Gary's beef in store to ensure the finest cuts.

And our Cal & Gary's Flavour Lock is another giant leap in delicious. We take select cuts of AAA beef and cryo-seal it using a special Flavour Lock process. This locks in flavour, allowing the aging process to work it’s magic. Cal & Gary's Flavour Lock meat can age for up to 30 days in your fridge, increasing in tenderness every day.

Meat matters, and Co-op butchers make meat matter most.

Any meal you prepare depends on three things - your recipes, your skill and your ingredients. Start with the best ingredients – including the perfect piece of meat – and your meals will be transformed.

The world’s great chefs rise to begin their day by scrutinizing each ingredient to select the best. All you have to do is drop by your butcher at Calgary Co-op.