Cal & Gary's Beef

The finest cuts of Alberta beef aged to perfection.

The delicious difference of Cal & Gary's

Now this is special. It’s also unique to Co-op. Nobody else puts the level of care and attention into their beef that we put into Members’ Reserve.

We take select cuts of AAA beef (only from the upper portion of the AAA grade) then age them for 21or 28 days to enhance the flavour and tenderness. We guarantee it will be among the finest beef you have ever tasted.

  • 21 days wet aged – Premium AAA cuts carefully aged for maximum tenderness.
  • 28 days dry aging – Premium AAA cuts dry aged in the perfect environment to take tenderness and taste to the max.

 Cal & Gary's Flavour Lock

Another delicious departure from ordinary. We take select cuts of AAA beef and cryo-seal it using a special Flavour Lock process. Freshness and flavour is completely locked in, allowing the aging process to work it’s magic. The meat can age for up to 30 days in your fridge, increasing in tenderness every day.

The most flavourful ways to prepare Flavour Lock cuts

So you have this wonderful piece of Flavour Lock beef you have been aging in your fridge. What’s the best way to unleash all that flavour? Let us show you.

Flavour Lock cuts are available in grilling steaks, marinating steaks, pot roasts and oven roasts. Here are a few preparation tips to get the most out for them.