The Deli that Delights

Our buyers have travelled the world to source the most delicious gourmet meat, cheese, and olives. We also carry lots of local favourites, like Simple Simon soups and pies, Peppino’s gourmet items, Wonton King products, and many more.


It’s deli-cious

Meat, cheese, and sandwiches your guests will love, without any of the work. Order 24 hours in advance and we’ll make something that’ll make your knees buckle.

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Indian food made (even more) awesome

Self-Serve Curry Bars

Try our fresh-made curries, like Butter Chicken, Tikka Masala, Chicken Vindaloo, and vegetarian Chana Masala, available at all our stores. No passport required!

Say cheese!

A selection that’ll have you smiling

Either you like cheese, or you pretend not to. With over 150 varieties of domestic and imported cheese, we can point you in the right direction. Can’t eat cheese? We also carry vegan, lactose-free, and soy-based cheeses, so you literally have no excuse.

February Cheese of the Month: Bergeron Classique

This smooth cheese is the first in great lineage. It's firm, ripened cheese with a wax coat made with pasterized cow's milk. With flavours of fresh hazelnuts, butter and milk, it's a Lactose free cheese that's versatile and a favourite for the whole family. 

$2.99 / 100g

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The Mediterranean Bar

Olives & Anitpasti

Well-regarded for its fresh and savoury qualities, our collection of olives and antipasti centres on the cuisine and culture of the Mediterranean. All items are crafted with just a few simple, nutritious ingredients. This means food that is healthy, shareable and delicious.

Olives in our Co-op Mediterranean Bar are harvested and cured naturally, without the use of dyes or preservatives. These olives can be traced back to the farms from which they come – no mixing of crops occurs. Olives make for a nutritious snack or part of a well-balanced meal.

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