Sign up for an appointment to one of our Diabetes Clinics from February 14 - March 13, 2021.

Speak with one of our certified diabetes educator pharmacists to learn how to better manage your diabetes to reduce your risk of developing complications from COVID-19. 

We’ll show you how our personalized diabetes services can help you manage. During your appointment, a Certified Diabetes Educator can:

  • The importance of glucose control  and monitoring.
  • Reducing your risk of heart and kidney disease. 
  • Vaccination review for flu &  pneumonia.
  • Review your history with diabetes and current lab results
  • Assess your blood glucose and A1C level 
  • Discuss the proper use of blood glucose monitors
  • Review testing and targets for different times of the day
  • Review your medication, side effects, benefits and alternative options.


Diabetes clinics 2019

As part of the appointment, participants will receive a wellness kit or a personal care kit. A wellness kit contains tote bag, retractable US charging cable, 7 day pill container, credit card magnifying glass, silicon hand gripper/exerciser, Dex-4 tablets and keychain and educational material. The Contour personal care kit contains a tote bag, mask, mask ear guard, gloves and conactless door opener.

For your convenience appointments are available via telephone, virtually or in-person.

Sign Up Today and Get Your Year Off To A Fresh Start

1. Select "Diabetes Health Services" from the Services Options.

2. To attend a clinic, select a location to talk with a pharmacist.  

3. Select a date & time between February 14 to March 13 to talk with our pharmacist.