Safety Measures

Calgary Co-op has implemented a number of safety measures in our store to protect our team members and shoppers. 

We’d like to remind you of some of the things we are doing in our stores, so that you know what to expect the next time you visit us:  

Know when to shop: Please bear in mind that we have reserved 8 a.m. – 9 a.m. on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays for our senior shoppers, those with disabilities and individuals with compromised immune systems. This lets them shop a fully-stocked, freshly sanitized store, ensuring they can get the household and pharmacy items they need.

When you arrive at the store, you may occasionally have to wait for a short time outside the store (with 2 metres distancing) as we are limiting the number of shoppers in-store at any given time to allow for physical distancing. A greeter will offer you a freshly sanitized cart or basket, and you’ll be offered sanitizing gel to clean your hands.

In the store: We have installed directional arrows in the aisles to facilitate physical distancing. You may find that some of our bulk and self-serve items are currently unavailable, but we have packaged these items where possible. 

We are regularly disinfecting the entire store, in particular high-touch areas such as handles, doors, pin pads and conveyer belts. 

When you’re check-out: Please maintain 2 metres between you and other shoppers, by standing next to the markers on the floor at the check-outs. Wherever possible, we have staggered the check-outs to allow for physical distancing, and we have installed locally fabricated plexi-glass dividers at the register.

We have masks and gloves available for all of our frontline team members. Please wait for a team member to fully disinfect the conveyor belt before placing your items on it.

Reusable & Compostable Bags

May 13, 2020

We are pleased to announced that we now have compostable bags back in stores and available for purchase for 10 cents. Our compostable bags are certified compostable and are acceptable in municipal composting programs like Calgary’s Green Cart program.

We appreciate that our members like to have a choice in how they transport their purchases so we are once again allowing reusable shopping bags in store.  For each reusable bag used, we will donate 3₵ to Calgary Co-op’s Community Foundation. We have identified six key charities to support during this time. 


Members also have the option to take their purchases with them in hand without a bag.

Learn More About Our Community Foundation

Safety in our Calgary Co-op Stores

March 31, 2020

As the novel coronavirus (Covid-19) continues to have an increased impact in our community, we continue to take a number of preventative steps across all of our lines of business to help keep you, your family and our community safe. As a valued member of Calgary Co-op your safety has always been, and continues to be, our number one priority. Please see a video update from our CEO, Ken Keelor.

Effective Washing of Fresh Produce

March 21, 2020

We have had questions from our customers on how to wash fresh produce to ensure safety during the Covid-19 pandemic. The current recommended process is outlined below. We have also included links to the Health Canada and Canadian Produce Marketing Association for your information on this subject.

  • Wash your hands with soap and warm water for at least 20 seconds.
  • Cut away any bruised or damaged areas on fruits and vegetables since harmful bacteria can thrive in these areas.
  • Wash fruits and vegetables thoroughly under fresh, cool, running water, even if you plan to peel them.
  • Use a clean produce brush to scrub items that have firm surfaces (e.g., oranges, melons, potatoes, carrots, etc.). It is not necessary to use produce cleansers to wash fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Ready-to-eat, bagged, pre-washed leafy greens do not need to be washed again before eating.
  • Pre-cut or pre-washed leafy greens sold in open bags or containers should be washed before eating.
  • Use one cutting board for produce, and a separate one for raw meat, poultry, fish and seafood.
  • Sanitize countertops, cutting boards and utensils before and after preparing food. Use a kitchen sanitizer (following the directions on the container) or a bleach solution (5 ml household bleach to 750 ml of water), and rinse with water.

For more information please visit:

Quantity Limits on High Demand Items Now in Place

March 21, 2020

In order to ensure that each of our valued members has access to the goods they need in a timely fashion we have made the decision to put quantity limits on high demand items. We appreciate your co-operation and understanding.

Self-Serve Items Now Pre-Packaged

March 21, 2020

In the interest of health & safety, our self-serve options will no longer be available in our food stores and gas station convenience stores. We will provide these items pre-packaged where possible and encourage you to ask one of our staff members if there is something you would like that you are unable to find. We will do our best to accommodate your requests.