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Whole Roasted Duck

A succulent dish that you can customize using a variety of spices.

Whole Roasted Duck

Total Time:

1hrs 5mins





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How to Make It


Prepare your duck in a way that lets all the natural fat escape. This imparts two tangible benefits – you get a crispy duck and you get glorious rendered duck fat that can be used at a later date. Note: What happens to the fat during the preparation and cooking processes greatly impacts the outcome of your roast duck. *You can spice the bird any way you like, but we have recommended Chinese five spice (you could just as easily use ground fennel seed, a good chili powder or just a pinch of nutmeg).


Prepare your duck by pulling out any innards (reserve these for making soup or stock).


Rinse your duck under cold running water - inside and out. If you have enough lead time leave your duck in the refrigerator uncovered overnight. This helps the duck skin dry out. If you do not have time for this step simply move on to the next step.


Preheat your oven to 350 degrees.


Pat the bird dry using paper towels.


Then, using a sharp knife, score the entire skin in a diamond pattern. (Just score into the fat, not down into the meat.) This step helps the fat drip out of the duck while it roasts.


Quarter your orange and your onion and toss in Chinese Five Spice (or your choice of seasoning). Stuff them into the cavity of the duck.


Roast the duck (breast side up) on a rack in a shallow pan for approximately 35 minutes per pound (at 350 degrees).


You want to bring the internal temperature of the duck up to approximately 170F in the thickest part of the leg.


For even crispier skin, split the duck in half and finish on the BBQ for the last 30 minutes of your cooking time.


Finally, don’t forget to reserve the duck fat that renders out into the bottom of the roasting pan. It’s an excellent fat to fry onions, hashbrowns, etc.

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