Sage Hill

The Sage Hill Quarter development by Ronmor located at 455 Sage Valley Drive N.W will include a new Calgary Co-op Food Store along with an additional 172,000 square feet of retail, commercial, daycare facilities and future residential condominiums. The Wine Spirits Beer and Gas station will also be re-opening to meet the needs of the community. Anticipated opening of the Food Store, Wine Spirits Beer and Gas Station is November 2021.

Marda Loop

A recent site acquisition by Co-op for a future grocery store and mixed use development.

Springbank Hill

A new development is being proposed for Springbank Hill. A new 35,000 square foot grocery store and gas bar with convenience store will be part of a comprehensive mixed use development by Ronmor Developments.


A new development is being proposed for Silverado. It will include a new grocery store, cannabis store, gas bar, car wash, convenience store, Co-op Wine Spirit Beer store and other retail uses. 


In Okotoks, Co-op has a 17 acre landbank for a future retail mixed-use development.

Downtown Calgary

Co-op is currently looking at potential sites in the downtown east end of Calgary for a grocery store.