Now Earn 8¢ Per Litre. Guaranteed.

Each year, we‘re proud to share profits with our members. Profits are shared with our members through a combination of share equity and cash back. The cash back portion fluctuates each fiscal year which runs November through October. Members then receive their statement and cheque (if applicable) in February.

New this year, Co-op is guaranteeing that members will earn 8 cents per litre on all fuel purchases made Nov. 4, 2018 to Nov. 2, 2019. These earnings will be applied to the membership refund distributed in February 2020.

Frequently Asked Questions


8¢ per Litre Member Refund

I am not a member. Will I receive the refund?
Only Calgary Co-op members receive the refund. To earn 8¢ per litre each time you fuel up at one of our gas stations, sign up for a membership online or in our food stores. A lifetime membership at Calgary Co-op only costs $1.

So, if there’s no coupon from my fill, what’s the incentive to fill up at Calgary Co-op stations?
Members are now guaranteed to earn back 8¢ per litre towards their annual member refund this year. We are proud to provide our members with the freedom to spend their refund how they wish—no restrictions on where or how you must use it. It’s that simple. Earn 8 cents per litre. Guaranteed.

What is different about this refund?
Each year, Calgary Co-op shares its profits with our members through the annual member refund. Refund levels are determined and then paid once the prior year’s books have been closed. This year, Calgary Co-op is guaranteeing that members will earn 8¢ per litre on all fuel purchases made in the upcoming year. This is the first time Calgary Co-op has ever made this guarantee.

How do I receive my 8¢ per litre?
The 8¢ per litre refund will be distributed as part of Calgary Co-op’s annual member refund in late February 2020. Members will receive their refund in the form of cash and share equity.

How much of the 8¢ per litre will I receive in cash?
The amount of cash you receive is based on the amount of equity you have accumulated in your membership at the start of the year. The more equity you have, the more cash you will receive.

I don’t want share equity. I just want a cash refund.
The distribution of the member refund in cash and share equity is part of the co-operative model and cannot be changed. However, your equity belongs to you and can be cashed out at the age of 65, if you move from the trading area, in times of financial hardship or if you choose to no longer shop at Calgary Co-op. Members who cash out their equity because they are aged 65 will receive their equity within one month. Members cashing out their equity for any other reason will receive their equity during our annual February and August payouts.

How do I know how much share equity I have?
You will receive an annual statement with your member refund which lists your share equity. You can also call our Membership department at any time and they will be able to provide you with the information.

I just received my member refund. Why does it say I only earned 6¢ per litre on petroleum?
The member refund distributed this year is based on all purchases made at Calgary Co-op last year (October 29, 2017 to November 3, 2018.) The 8¢ per litre guarantee is for purchases made this year, November 4, 2018, to November 2, 2019.

Why is the 2018 member refund for petroleum only 6¢ per litre?
The 2018 member refund takes into account the 2¢ per litre Revved Up Rewards grocery coupons earned instantly between October 29, 2017 and November 3, 2018. When you add this to the 6¢ per litre refund, members saved 8¢ per litre in 2018.

Do I need to sign up for e-mail to receive the refund?
No. All Calgary Co-op members receive a member refund based on their annual purchases. Members can save even more by signing up for our Me-wards program which delivers weekly inspiration and exclusive offers directly to your inbox. To sign up for Me-wards, visit