The Boulevard at Dalhousie

With exciting new retail, residential and office space, green design initiatives and improved community amenities, The Boulevard at Dalhousie is delivering something fresh to the community.

The Plan

Our Dalhousie Co-op is undergoing a redevelopment worthy of the high profile location. The proposed 632,325 square-foot redevelopment will include a relocated 47,000 square-foot grocery store, new gas bar and car wash as well as a new 5,200 square-foot Wine Spirits and Beer store, 58,000 square feet of new office space, 39,500 square feet of new retail space and 436 new residential units. When completed, it will provide more than 300 jobs and homes for 800 people.

Exciting new features

The Boulevard at Dalhousie will refresh the community with sharp design and new features: 

  • An updated, attractive new Co-op store similar to recent designs at Midtown and Crowfoot (the Co-op store and other services, with the exception of the car wash, will remain open until the new services are completed).
  • New and enhanced Co-op services and product offerings.
  • Community focused residential, office and retail amenities.
  • Relocated gas station with convenience store and liquor store.
  • Green rooftop space.
  • Meeting space(s) for the community.
  • Our co-generation power system for environmentally friendly production of electricity and heat.
  • Safer connection to area pathways.

Project specifics

The specifics of the Boulevard at Dalhousie are evolving as approvals advance.

  • 436 residential units (1-3 bedroom suites)
  • 749 parking stalls
  • A new Co-op food centre (2 floors) and multi-residential units from the 2nd to 22nd floors.
  • A Professional building (4 floors)
  • A mixed use residential building (10 floors)
  • A bank  (1 floor)
  • A new Wine Spirits and Beer location (1 floor)


We will minimize disruption in the community by keeping all services open during construction. The Boulevard will be developed in a staged approach. Proposed opening date for Phase 1 is currently late 2020. It should take approximately 6 years to complete all 5 phases of the project.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will the Boulevard at Dalhousie take to complete?

All phases should be complete by 2025.

Why can’t you just build a new store?

To enhance land use the City encourages that when land is redeveloped the project includes residential, office and commercial space. This kind of urban planning also makes neighbourhoods more sustainable and vibrant. It also adds value to the surrounding community and gives residents more options in terms of housing, services and employment opportunities.

Will the store be smaller?

The store will be slightly smaller with a more modern, efficient layout (similar to our Midtown store). It will have all the things you love about the current store and more, like popular programs at our Midtown and Crowfoot locations.

Will the store be closing?

No. The Co-op and the services in the plaza will remain open to serve members as the new replacements are built.

Will the residences be condos?

The mix of condos and rentals will be determined at a later date, depending on the market and interest from the community.

Who is the developer?

Quarry Bay Investments. They are a Calgary based, family owned company that’s been involved in real estate for 40+ years. We work with Quarry Bay on a number of projects.

Who is building it?

The construction company will be decided after applications are approved.

Will there be more traffic?

We did a comprehensive traffic study examining traffic patterns and impacts on area roads, transit, pedestrian pathways and bike paths. The roadways are all expected to adapt well to the development.

When will the store be ready?

The new store will open 2022.

How can I get updates on the project?

You can check this page anytime.