Director Election

Voting is now closed. Election Results will be announced at the Annual Meeting on April 20th.

Calgary Co-op (Calgary Co-operative Association Limited) is a local co-operative owned by its Member-owners. The share you purchase when you join Calgary Co-op allows you to participate in the “one member-one vote” democratic process which means you have the ability to nominate an eligible Member-owner as a candidate for the Board, vote in Director Elections and actively participate in meetings of Member-owners. The board has important work overseeing our growing $1.2 billion co-operative. Calgary Co-op’s Board has nine directors and each year, three seats are up for election, and the nomination and election process helps our Calgary Co-op achieve strong and balanced leadership with the right mix of skills, experience and attributes.

2023 Director Election Considerations

Each year, Calgary Co-op asks its member-owners to nominate fellow member-owners to stand for election to the Board of Directors. All who meet the minimum qualifying criteria may go forward on the election ballot. The nomination and election process helps our Calgary Co-op achieve strong and balanced leadership with the right mix of skills, experience and attributes. The areas of knowledge and expertise that Calgary Co-op is looking for this year are:

Retail and Related Industry Experience
This includes: executive retail leadership; other retail sector industry experience; grocery retailing; and private label experience.

Community Leadership
This includes: municipal and/or civic committees; charity or not-for-profit organizations.

Co-operative Experience
This includes: Co-operatives that are of a size and complexity similar to Calgary Co-op.

Board and/or Executive Experience
This includes: board oversight experience and executive leadership experience in sizable private or public companies not necessarily in retail (covered separately above).

Financial Expertise
This includes financial literacy and/or oversight, investment analysis, audit committee/Internal controls, corporate development or growth transactions; and corporate finance.

Legal Expertise
This includes: management or board level experience in these areas in an entity of similar size or complexity as Calgary Co-op.

Human Resources & People Culture
This includes people, culture and employee engagement, change management, executive compensation/incentive plans/performance management, succession planning and talent development.

Other Corporate Services  
This is a broad category and includes: corporate strategy / strategic planning; branding, communications, social media and media; consumer marketing; consumer packaged goods / food manufacturing & processing; e-commerce, digitization and technology; artificial intelligence; enterprise risk management; cyber security; commercial real estate; government relations; business and corporate development; logistics & supply chain and purchasing; and environmental, health & safety.

Other important attributes that we are looking for include:
Ability to adhere to the Co-op’s Code of Conduct; upholds Co-op’s core values; understands the role and responsibilities of a Board; can make a commitment to the time required; is a continuous learner; has interest in succession for various roles on the Board; and has a customer service focus.

All those who look to become a member of the Board must also adhere to Co-op’s Code of Conduct and uphold Co-op’s core values.

Cooperatives Act 
Cooperatives Regulations
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Board Articles

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Nomination Process

Consideration of Certain Candidates

Our Board has nine directors and each year, three seats are up for election. As a Calgary Co-op member, you may vote for up to three candidates each year. We all play an important role in electing members to our Board because a great Board is needed to oversee our growing $1.2 billion co-operative. Together as members, we make the final decision about who is elected.

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Director Election Handbook


View the full Director Election Handbook that provides details on the overall process, time commitment, compensation, policies and agreements. To view the 2023 Director Information Package please click here

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Code of Conduct


Whatever the area of activity and whatever the degree of responsibility, such persons are expected to act in a manner that will enhance Calgary Co-op’s reputation for honesty, integrity, and the faithful performance of undertakings and obligations.

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