Vote to elect three directors to our Calgary Co-op Board of Directors

Vote to elect three directors to our Calgary Co-op Board of Directors

As a Co-op member, you may vote for up to three candidates each year. We all play an important role in electing members to our Board because a great Board is needed to oversee our growing $1.2 billion co-operative.

Why does the Board now recommend certain candidates?

The Calgary Co-op Board wants to ensure its directors have the competencies required to provide effective oversight of our complex co-operative. Therefore, the Board reviews its skills and identifies areas where knowledge gaps exist. The Board uses the gaps as a foundation for the skills it seeks from candidates running in the election. Those candidates whose skills best align are then recommended to the membership.

Required competencies as approved by the Board:

co-operatives, financial, business, governance, human resources, commercial real estate, legal matters, financial risk/oversight, leadership, strategic planning, strategic risk management, sound judgment, continuous learning, independent and integrative thinker, effective listener, open mindedness, integrity, and special emphasis on retail business expertise and Calgary Co-op Board experience.

“Recommended” candidates are those individuals who, after a thorough and independent review process, were assessed as having the best match of competencies that will further strengthen our Board. We use an independent consultant to create a fair and objective process. All the candidates meet the eligibility requirements, and you may vote for any three candidates of your choice.

Thank you for being part of Calgary Co-op’s Director Election!