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Page Updated: Thursday May 5, 2011

Calgary Co-operative Association Limited ("Calgary Co-op") has a definite and ongoing commitment to protecting your privacy. The privacy and security of our members', employees' and customers' personal information (information that can identify you as an individual) is understood and respected by Calgary Co-op and its subsidiary co-operatives (Calgary Co-op Home Health Care Limited).

We collect your personal information so we can better understand your needs and preferences, to serve you better, to contact you and to meet statutory or legal obligations. In all circumstances we try to limit our collection of personal information to only those items that are necessary in order for us to provide the best service to our employees, customers or members. 

Calgary Co-op is committed to safeguarding your personal information through the use of security standards and procedures appropriate to the sensitivity of the information. Your personal information will not be sold, leased, rented or given to any third party other than companies contracted to provide services directly to Calgary Co-op such as for data collection and data analysis. Calgary Co-op is committed to maintaining your personal information in strict confidence and will enter into legal contracts with any third party providing data collection or data analysis services to ensure that your information is treated with the same level of confidentiality as it is by Calgary Co-op.

If you have any questions related to the Calgary Co-op Privacy Policy, collection, use, disclosure or security of your personal information, or if would like to request a copy of the personal information we have for you on file for the purposes of verifying its accuracy, you can contact the Calgary Co-op Privacy Officer by writing to:

Calgary Co-op Privacy Officer
Calgary Co-operative Association Limited
Finance and Administration Division
#110, 151 - 86 Avenue S.E.
Calgary, AB T2H 3A5

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