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A premier shopping destination and part of your community

Calgary Co-op is much more than just a store, Calgary Co-op’s root’s run deep in the heart of the community as the only truly Calgarian food retailer.

The focus of Calgary Co-op is to provide the freshest, best quality products at competitive prices. In our food centres, we conduct weekly price checks at our stores and at the stores of our two main competitors.

Calgary Co-op is the only retailer in Calgary that delivers an annual membership refund in the form of cash and equity to our member-owners.

When you add it all up-fresh products, competitive prices, an annual membership refund and three cents per litre in grocery coupons through our Revved Up Rewards at our gas bars, there really is no reason to shop anywhere else.



Brand Story

Against the grain we went, driven to build something for people. Against the attitudes of the day. Against the naysayers and against the norm.

In a time of neighbours’ need, we stood up. And we stood together. We built a store to earn people over profit. To provide for kitchen tables over boardroom tables.

So here’s to believing in the essentials. On the table. In the home. In our neighbourhoods. And in life.

Here’s to those bold enough to offer full service in a self-serve world. To provide high quality in a humble way. To keep prices down while still investing in people. And to supporting the local farmers and ranchers who grow the food we eat.

Here’s to sharing our good fortunes with each other and with our neighbours. To those who want not a company, but a collective. Creating owners, where elsewhere they are simply shoppers.

Here’s to a store built around the community, and not just in it. Here’s to a lost cause… wrote one of our first members about Co-op in its infancy. 56 years, 3,500 employees and over 440,000 members later, here’s to never losing sight of our cause. Here’s to our Co-op.

Your Calgary Co-op

Locally owned and operated, we are one of the largest retail co-operatives in North America, with over 440,000 members, 3,600 employees and annual sales of $1 billion. 

Based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, our lines of business include retail food centres, pharmacies, gas bars, wines and spirits stores, home health care centres and travel offices in Calgary and the surrounding communities of Airdrie, Strathmore, Okotoks, and High River, Alberta. 

The continuing development of Calgary Co-op is a priority for our board of directors, management and employees. Guided by a comprehensive vision and strategic direction, we have a dynamic three-year development and enhancement plan that will see existing stores renovated and new centres built in emerging markets.

Our Co-operative Concept

One of the largest retail co-ops in North America, we are a locally operated co-operative owned by our members. The share you purchase when you join Calgary Co-op makes you a member-owner and provides you with all of the value and benefits of membership in this highly successful co-operative.

As a member, and an owner, you can participate in the democratic processes unique to co-operatives. This means you have the ability to nominate candidates for the board of directors, vote in director elections, stand for election as a director, and actively participate at our annual general meeting.

We offer a full range of retail services, including grocery, pharmacy, petroleum, liquor and travel from 18 shopping locations in Calgary, Airdrie, Strathmore and High River. Commercial petroleum services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week at our cardlock locations in Cochrane, Strathmore and the Eastfield area of southeast Calgary. Planning is also underway for additional store and gas bar locations in Calgary.

The continuing development of Calgary Co-op is a priority for its board of directors, management and employees. Guided by a comprehensive vision and strategic direction, Calgary Co-op has a comprehensive three-year strategic plan that will see existing stores renovated and new centres built in emerging markets.

Code of Ethical Standards

Statement of Cooperative Identity

Our Affiliates

Federated Co-operatives Limited

We own approximately 11 per cent of equity in Federated Co-operatives Limited (FCL). FCL is our major grocery and petroleum supplier, as well as providing other commodities. The Grocery People (an FCL subsidiary) and our organization jointly own The Produce People, which is the major supplier of produce to us as well as other co-operatives in southern Alberta.

Our board represents our members at FCL through the election of one director to its board, appointment of delegates and observers to the annual meeting, and attendance at the regional conference.

Canadian Co-operative Association

Calgary Co-op is an associate member of the Canadian Co-operative Association (CCA). The CCA provides leadership to promote, develop, and unite co-operatives and credit unions for the benefit of people in Canada and around the world.

Alberta Community and Co-operative Association

As a member, we contributed to the incorporation of the Alberta Community and Co-operative Association (ACCA). The ACCA seeks to provide a forum for more than 700 Alberta-based co-operatives and credit unions, and to build its membership from these organizations.

Calgary Co-operative Memorial Society Ltd.

The Calgary Co-op Memorial Society (which is distinct and separate from Calgary Co-op), was started 43 years ago with the help of local co-ops in Calgary. This non-profit, non-sectarian volunteer-run organization provides its members with affordable access to funeral plans at area funeral homes for a lower cost than non-members would pay.

The CCMS has over 23,000 members. You can become a member by purchasing a lifetime membership for only $20 per adult. For more information, visit You can also pick up their brochure from Calgary Co-op customer service or call the CCMS at 403-248-2044 or 1-800-566-9959.

Celebrating 50 Years

The Co-operative Difference

When the United Nations designated 2012 as the International Year of Cooperatives, it was acknowledging far more than just the important role that co-operatives play in the global economy.

In fact, the theme of the year – “Co-operative Enterprises Build a BetterWorld” – demonstrated the UN’s understanding that co-operatives are also powerful forces for positive social and environmental change.

The Globe & Mail created a special pull-out report celebrating IYC.

Member Refund

Enjoy the road. Enjoy the savings.

Member Refund

Your last trip paid you 9¢/litre. That's 3¢/litre in grocery coupons right away and another 6¢/litre in member refunds.

*Based on Co-op Members saving 6¢/litre on 2013 member refunds.