Meet Your Co-op Board of Directors

There are three officers of the board: Chair, Vice Chair, and Secretary. Board appointment of officers, committees and representatives takes place each year following the annual general meeting.

The board operates with five standing committees: Audit, Co-operative Relations, Governance, Nominations, Performance and Compensation.

Peggy LeSueur ICD.D

Board Chair

Peggy LeSueur ICD.D

Committees: Ex officio on Audit, Co-operative Relations, Governance, and Performance and Compensation

Serving her 2nd term: 2014-2017

Peggy is an Agrologist and Business Development Professional with 30 years of experience in operations management, business strategy, marketing and project management, obtained in agriculture, food and energy sectors. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Biology and a Masters in Plant Physiology. A supporter of co-operatives since 1982, she currently works for Alberta Innovates BioSolutions to provide strategic advice and support in agriculture, food and forestry research. Peggy sits on the Board of the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation - Prairies/NWT. Peggy also enjoys cooking, trying new recipes with friends and family and learning how to play the harp.

Roy Goodall CD2, ICD.D

Vice Chair

Roy Goodall CD2, ICD.D

Committees: Audit, Governance (Chair)

Other: Alberta Community and Co-operatives Association (Delegate)

Serving his 2nd term: 2014-2017

Roy has 35 years of board experience, including seven years with international organizations in Brussels and Washington. Since retiring from the military in 2000, Roy has continuously served on co-operative and not-for-profit boards in Calgary. He completed the AB Community Development ‘not-for-profit’ facilitator training in 2004, and subsequently facilitated policy governance courses for community associations. Next, Roy completed the Institute of Corporate Directors’ not-for-profit Governance Essentials and Director Education Programs. Currently, Roy is a director with the Calgary Co-op, the Calgary Co-operative Memorial Society, the Calgary Seniors Resource Society, the Canadian Club, and the National Association of Federal Retirees. Roy’s spare time is spent with friends hiking in the Kananaskis Country and the Banff National Park.

Elaine (Bereziuk) Smith

Board Secretary

Elaine (Bereziuk) Smith

Committee: Co-operative Relations, Performance and Compensation 

Other: Federated Co-operatives Limited District 5 Director, Observer to Canadian Co-operative Association Annual Meeting

Serving her 1st term: 2013 - 2016

Elaine comes to us with over 30 years of food industry experience, with extensive knowledge in human resource management, leadership, strategic planning, budgeting, marketing and customer service. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Personnel Psychology with a minor in business from the University of Calgary.  She holds certifications related to the food retail industry such as Food Safety and Environmental Compliance. Elaine volunteers extensively within her community, including The Calgary Police Service and minor hockey associations. Elaine is passionate about hockey and has spent many hours with her husband cheering for her two sons as they play Canada’s game.

Myra D’Souza Kormann

Board Member

Myra D’Souza Kormann

Committees:  Audit, Performance and Compensation

Other: Federated Co-operatives Limited Resolutions Committee and AGM Delegate, Co-op Community Foundation

Serving her 3rd term: 2013-2016

Myra was recently selected as one of Canada’s top 50 most diverse persons to sit on FP500 boards. She is President of Global Diversity Training, brings a wealth of global, governance, leadership experience and is multilingual. Myra has a degree in Political Science, Human Resources and Psychology. Her board experience includes: the Citizen’s Advisory Committee (Corrections Canada) and the Calgary Aboriginal Initiative. Myra speared headed the free Coop Seniors Grocery Shopping Bus service, is a passionate national/international volunteer/traveler in over 23 countries, cooperative supporter, and represented Canada at the United Nations on human rights. She enjoys dancing, travelling and animals.

Lori Ell

Board Member

Lori Ell

Committees: Audit (Chair), Governance, Nominations

Other: Federated Co-operatives Limited AGM Delegate, Co-op Community Foundation

Serving her 1st term: 2015 - 2018

Currently a consultant specializing in strategy execution, operational efficiency and corporate restructuring, Lori was previously the President and part owner of an agri-food processing company and CFO for a technology company. Past Chairman of the Board for the Alberta Food Processors Association, Director with Canadian Food Innovators, and Director with UFA Cooperative Ltd., Lori is also involved with the Parent School Council, Volunteer Boards and a Sports Team Manager.

Terry Geib PHEc.

Board Member

Terry Geib PHEc.

Committees: Co-operative Relations (Chair), Governance, Nominations

Other: Observer to Canadian Co-operative Association Annual Meeting

Serving her 4th term: 2014-2017

Terry brings experience from serving on Co-op not-for-profit and for-profit boards, as a professional home economist and from her 25 years in marketing and strategic planning. Since 1991, Terry has worked for The City of Calgary, and the past three as the Issue Strategist for the Calgary Fire Department. Terry also works with the Co-op Development Foundation to help mobilize resources - mostly from Canadian co-ops and credit unions - to help poor communities fight poverty and create more secure lives by building co-ops in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Terry is the wife to Nick and has raised two children.

Bettina Pierre-Gilles

Board Member

Bettina Pierre-Gilles

Committees: Audit, Co-operative Relations, Nominations

Other: Federated Co-operatives Limited Resolutions Committee and AGM Delegate

Serving her first term: 2015 - 2018 

Bettina is an experienced financial executive with over 18 years of experience. She is currently the President and CEO of Phasis Consulting, an Alberta-based boutique management consulting firm offering global advisory, management and corporate social responsibility consulting services to help support the local business community expand and grow sustainably. Bettina's previous experience includes the position of CFO at various oil and gas companies, including serving on the Board of Directors of energy companies.

Rick Smith

Board Member

Rick Smith

Committees: Co-operative Relations, Governance, Performance and Compensation (Chair)

Other: Alberta Community and Co-operative Association (Delegate), Federated Co-operatives Limited AGM Delegate

Serving his 4th term: 2012-2016

Rick has had a very successful 33-year senior executive career with Heritage Park, and 18-year tenure on the Co-op Board. Long acknowledged for his many contributions to Calgary and area, Rick has an extensive background in governance and boards.  He possesses a strong belief in community wellness and he has been recognized for his dedication and achievements. In addition to his roles with Calgary Co-op, Rick is currently serving in a volunteer capacity with the Calgary Stampede, Sheep River Health Trust, Longview School and Library, Longview Music and Arts Festival, Mount Royal University and many others.

Lisa Wise

Board Member

Lisa Wise

Committees: Governance, Nominations (Chair)

Other: Federated Co-operatives Limited AGM Delegate

Serving her 4th term: 2015 - 2018

Lisa Wise has served as board director for Calgary Co-op for over 8 years including chairing the Governance, Nominations and Member Relations committees. Lisa was Board Secretary and a committee member of the Audit, Performance and Compensation and Charitable Trust Fund committees. She represented Calgary Co-op as a delegate and Resolutions committee representative with Federated Co-operatives Limited. Lisa provided 20 years of business leadership as Marketing Director for Canada's leading swimwear retailer. She owns her own business marketing agency and completed her MBA at the Haskayne School of Business (2003). Lisa cherishes time with her family: Robert, Katelyn and Jackson.

Know more about your board


Corporate governance is primarily the responsibility of our board. Our board members perform these duties with the support of the executive team, management, support staff and all other employees, in line with the wishes and expectations of our members.


Our board operates with five standing committees. These include:

  • Audit
  • Co-operative Relations
  • Governance
  • Nominations
  • Performance and Compensation

2016 Director Election

Calgary Co-operative Association Limited is a locally operated co-operative owned by its members. The share you purchase when you join Calgary Co-op makes you a member and an owner, and provides you with all of the value and benefits of membership in this highly successful co-operative.

2016 Annual Meeting

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2016 Guidelines for Submitting Resolutions

Resolutions to the Annual Meeting of the Association provide member-owners with a formal process for placing matters before members for consideration.

Director Election Questions


Can you please clarify the requirements relative to the references - 
"8. Provide three References. (paper copy)"
Is this simply a paper copy of a list of  references, OR does this mean a written reference from 3 people?


Please provide a paper document with the names and contact information of 3 people who can act as a Reference for you. A good reference is someone who can accurately comment on your skills and attributes as they pertain to the role on the board, including skills, character attributes and other traits.